Thursday, October 2, 2014

Comparing Pregnancies

Yesterday I officially hit the 35-week mark! Holy moly time flies - I can't believe Kai will be here so soon.  I go for my next prenatal check-up at 36 weeks on Wednesday, October 8th (which means I'll be going EVERY week after that!! ahhhh!) So I was looking back at my pregnancy pictures and had to do a pregnancy photo comparison.  I don't have a great picture from 35 weeks with Kosta, but I have a 35 week and 6 days picture from Kosta's baby shower and I can't get over how big I was! LOL. I mean, I'm big now, but I think I was about 10-15 pounds heavier with Kosta at this point in pregnancy - guess my workouts are paying off this time around! (I couldn't workout during my pregnancy with Kosta) Praying I can keep these sweet cravings to a minimum for these last few weeks!!

35 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant with Kosta

35 Weeks Pregnant with Kai

35 Weeks Pregnant with Kai

Ok Mommies with two or more kiddos...Kosta was born when I was exactly 39 weeks - 3 weeks after the top picture.  Was your second child early or later than the first? I'm curious to know other mommies' experiences.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kai Alexander Diaz

Time for a MAJOR update! I've been so slack keeping up with my blog this pregnancy (sorry Kai!) As you can see from the title, our little one on the way will be named Kai Alexander Diaz. Kai (rhymes with BYE - has always been a name that Rudy and I both loved and we thought it fits perfectly into our little life.  Kai in Hawaiian means "the sea" and in Greek "Keeper of the Keys/Earth". At first, we couldn't decide on a middle name - Rudy loved just Kai Diaz without a middle name, but finally it came to us...Alexander.  Kai Alexander is such a powerful name and perfect fit for our baby boy.

Quick Update:

How Far Along: 26 weeks

Size of Baby: According to The Bump, Kai is the size of a head of lettuce.  Between 13-14" long and weighs approximately 1.5-2.5 lbs.

Movement: Absolutely! He seems so relaxed during the day, but as soon as I lie down to sleep he starts doing jumping jacks, karate chops, and karate kicks.

Sleep: Not so good - low back pain/sciatic nerve pain keeps me up at night. My whole left side aches from the low back pain so it takes a while to get in a comfortable position.  I did buy a snoogle (awesome pregnancy pillow) that helps BIG time - I'd be dying if I didn't have it!

Cravings: I've been craving hamburgers and french fries! BUT, I haven't indulged.  I'm trying my best to eat as well as I can because the weight is packing on a lot quicker than before - I don't want to overdo it.

Sick: No nausea or vomiting this pregnancy, thank goodness! However, I've been having super low blood pressure and fainting spells during the 2nd trimester. I'm hoping it'll get better as I go into the 3rd trimester.

Showing yet: Absolutely - I've been showing for a while now.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah, definitely. Can't live without them!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in as of this week! lol - I'm sure any day now it'll be poking out.

Weight Gain: A lot! ha ha... I am definitely bigger than I was before at 26 weeks. But, I am also a different shape - my tummy looks different this time around.

Missing Anything: Deli sandwiches, a good night's sleep, and my almost-six-pack! I'll be happy when sweet Kai is here so I can work on getting a six pack

Now it's on to my awesome baby shower! Or "Sprinkle" as we were calling it since we're having another boy.  My incredible sister-in-law, Elizabeth, threw me the sweetest baby "sprinkle".  It was perfect! We played games (Guess the Baby Food and The Price is Right), ate yummy food, enjoyed cake, and so much more! I am so grateful for my amazing family and friends.

Here are some pictures from the party:

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baby #2 is...a BOY!

We are SO excited to announce our little bun in the oven is a little boy! We are so blessed and super happy that Kosta will have a baby bro and best bud to grow up with.  I can't wait to see these two running around together.

So yesterday (Saturday, May 17, 2014) I was officially 15 weeks 3 days pregnant.  We did the early gender ultrasound because we're so impatient! Lol. There is this super neat place called Baby Impressions here in Greenville, SC that does early gender and 3D/4D ultrasounds. They will do ultrasounds as early as 14 weeks to determine the gender.  It's great because you can bring your whole family to watch the ultrasound - they have couches set up for guests and rocking horses for kids to play on. Here's the link to their site if you want to check it out:

This pregnancy has been a little different than my first pregnancy with Kosta. My symptoms have been slightly different (luckily no vomiting this time around) - just headaches, food aversions, and serious exhaustion with this pregnancy.  With my pregnancy with Kosta, I was not able to work out - I was on bed rest for the first 6 weeks and had to limit myself to walking.  With this pregnancy, I am able to workout - however, I have been having severe round ligament pains, which have hindered my workouts tremendously.  I was hoping to keep up with my HIIT workouts with T25 and P90x3, but it looks like I am going to have to go the yoga/walking route.

Anyway, back to our future little man! He is so relaxed in there - he likes to lie on his tummy with his tushy up in the air. Kosta was a little maniac in my tummy - he was constantly moving and karate chopping me. Ha ha!  Here are some of the ultrasound pictures from yesterday:

Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Surfer BABIES!!

Yep, you read that right! We are proud to announce we are expecting baby number two this (early) November!!  I know what some people may be thinking "they are announcing pretty early if the baby is due in November."  Well, here's why.  I have been DYING to tell everyone! (Plus, it will be hard to hide with a growing belly! ha ha)

We've been teetering on when to announce it because we had quite a tough year last year.  Last year, we lost 2 babies.  The first was a miscarriage and the second turned out to be ectopic. Both losses were extremely tough, but we are blessed with great friends and family who supported us so much during those times. Here's the one really talks about miscarriages, but the truth is...they are SO common (unfortunately). Ectopic pregnancies on the other hand are not as common - and I was unlucky to be part of that statistic.

That being said, I just couldn't wait any longer to announce it. If for some reason something happens (praying it won't), then I just have to keep telling myself that God has other plans for us and it'll happen when the time is right.

So enough of the debbie downer talk! WE'RE PREGNANT!! YAY!!

I had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks on March 19th before I left for my cruise.  Everything looked great! Our sweet baby's heartbeat was 148 bmp.

Does it amaze anyone else that you can already hear the baby's heartbeat when it's only the size of a blueberry?!?! I mean, holy moly! I know I went through this with Kosta, but it still blows my mind that you can hear the heartbeat when they are that tiny!

So here's how I'm feeling....nauseous and tired! Like so tired that I'm about to fall asleep while typing this and it's 12:00 pm.  By this time with Kosta, I was experiencing nausea, vomiting, severe heartburn, 12 lb weight-loss, and major food aversions.  I could hardly eat anything at the beginning with Kosta, which is why I lost so much weight. 

With this pregnancy, I'm experiencing nausea, super heightened sense of smell, exhaustion, some food aversions, and weight gain (ugh hahaha).  Pretty much all I can stomach with this pregnancy so far includes bread, potatoes, pasta, and tons of other carbs :( It crazy to see how different each pregnancy is as far as cravings, aversions, etc. 

Okay Mommies - based on my symptoms/cravings/aversions - any guesses on the gender?