Thursday, October 2, 2014

Comparing Pregnancies

Yesterday I officially hit the 35-week mark! Holy moly time flies - I can't believe Kai will be here so soon.  I go for my next prenatal check-up at 36 weeks on Wednesday, October 8th (which means I'll be going EVERY week after that!! ahhhh!) So I was looking back at my pregnancy pictures and had to do a pregnancy photo comparison.  I don't have a great picture from 35 weeks with Kosta, but I have a 35 week and 6 days picture from Kosta's baby shower and I can't get over how big I was! LOL. I mean, I'm big now, but I think I was about 10-15 pounds heavier with Kosta at this point in pregnancy - guess my workouts are paying off this time around! (I couldn't workout during my pregnancy with Kosta) Praying I can keep these sweet cravings to a minimum for these last few weeks!!

35 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant with Kosta

35 Weeks Pregnant with Kai

35 Weeks Pregnant with Kai

Ok Mommies with two or more kiddos...Kosta was born when I was exactly 39 weeks - 3 weeks after the top picture.  Was your second child early or later than the first? I'm curious to know other mommies' experiences.  

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