Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Missing Papi

Well, it has only been 12 days since we left Costa Rica, and I am pretty sure our little surfer baby is missing his/her Papi (Daddy) - I know I sure am.

Me and baby haven't been sleeping or eating well since we left Costa Rica - I think the little one may be mad at me for taking him/her away from Papi for a month.

Well, we're almost half way through our trip, which brings us closer to seeing Papi/Hubby.  I absolutely love being home and around my family, but our trip is missing someone - Rudy.  If he could be here, everything would be 100% perfect.  I am not ready to go back to Costa Rica, but I am ready to be with my hubby again.

Anyway, we have four doctor's appointment's coming up.  The first one is tomorrow - I have to go get some tests done (i.e. tests for diseases, down syndrome, etc.) to make sure our little surfer baby is all healthy and comfy inside.

The second appointment is Thursday with the OB coordinator at Upstate OBGYN - we're going to discuss the lab results from the blood tests I had done last week, and get everything set up for my physical exam.

The third appointment is on the 13th of this month - that's when I'll have my physical exam and hopefully another ultrasound.  I'm also hoping my OBGYN will be able to tell the baby's gender, but if not, that's OK because we have ANOTHER appointment just for that!

The fourth and final appointment we have before we leave is on the 21st at Baby Impressions - they do 3d/4d ultrasounds to see the baby and try to determine the baby's gender - hopefully by this appointment we will finally know whether our little surfer baby is a boy or girl!

Well, that's basically our schedule for the rest of our time here in the US - we will check back in later to update everyone on our doctor's appointments.

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  1. SO exciting!!!! keep us updated!!! And I'm sorry Rudy can't be here :( I know it's got to be hard without him!!