Monday, July 30, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Ok...So I started this post right after July 4th, but I am just now getting back to it to finish the post.  Here's what I had before I got side-tracked:

Holy moly time is flying by so quickly.  Kosta is already FOUR months old!!  He turned 4 months on the 4th of July!  What a great way to celebrate :)

Here's a picture from his first 4th:

The day after the 4th of July we had Kosta's four-month check-up.  He's getting so big!  Here are his stats:

Height: 26.25 in. = 90th percentile

Weight: 15 lbs 13 oz = 65th percentile

Head: 65th percentile

The doctor said he's a very healthy baby - he was very happy with Kosta's height and weight.  Little munchkin is growing like a weed!


It is now July 30, 2012 and I am finally finishing this post.

Dear Sweet Kosta,

You are 5 days away from being 5 MONTHS OLD!  I just can't believe it.  A lot has happened in the last month.

You are now eating solids!  The doctor gave us the "go ahead" for cereal and fruits at your 4-month check-up.  We started with one week of cereal and then the next week we started to add fruits.  We have the amazing Baby Bullet, which allows me to make all of your food.  I love that I can buy fruits for all of us and make your little meals instead of buying the Gerber jars of fruit.

Here's a picture of the Baby Bullet:

You love your fruits.  You've tried apples, pears, peaches, and bananas.  Next we're on to yellow vegetables.  I hope you love your veggies as much as you love fruits.

Here are a few pictures of you eating your first solids:

Your personality is really starting to show nowadays.  You're such a happy, giggly little munchkin.  You get so tickled and it's hard for you to stop laughing, which makes everyone laugh.

You have figured out how to entertain yourself, which is very helpful so Mommy can get some things done.  For instance, you talk to the refrigerator while I make your cereal and fruits. Your conversation with the refrigerator consists of a lot of squealing and giggling.  I wish I could know what you are thinking :)

You're also learning that if you throw your toys on the floor we have to pick them up and give them back to you so now you're making a game of it, which is really funny.

I'm pretty sure you a tooth is starting to come in on the bottom.  There is this little white point, which I believe is a tooth.  You're my little drooly-pants.  I never thought a baby could drool this much! Ha ha.  You soak your clothes with drool within minutes - I am debating on whether or not to keep a bib on you permanently - just kidding ;)

Papou (Granddaddy) came home to visit this month.  You love your Papou lots and he loves you just as much!  Papou and I went on a Kosta shopping spree while he was here.  He bought you lots of new teethers, toys, and other goodies.  He also bought you a bunch of Baby Genius CDs/DVDs, which you love!

Here are a few pictures of you watching your Baby Genius DVDs:

You love electronics - cell phones, laptops, ipads, ipods, remote controls, etc.  You get fussy if we take them away from you.  You'll probably be a computer geek like me.  Your Daddy always jokes that I was born with a laptop so I guess you take after me.

We bought you a toy cell phone thinking you would enjoy it, but you totally know it's not real!  Papou gave us his iPad so that we can download apps and play on it when you get a little older - he's the best.  I still need to buy a drool/drop protector so we don't ruin it :)

You are such a joy to be around.  You bring everyone so much happiness.  It is amazing how you have the ability to melt someone's heart immediately with your sweet smiles and giggles.

I love you so much more than words can explain.


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