Saturday, November 12, 2011

And the winner is....

Rudy and I have officially decided the name of our Little Surfer Baby...I think - LOL.  We've thought long and hard about his name because we want the name to have meaning to us.  We both decided we want his name to be somewhat unique, but something we hope he won't hate when he grows up (Sorry baby!).

And the winner is... Kosta Andrés Diaz Leventis.

I know I're probably thinking "What the heck...4 names?" or "What do the names mean?" or "Why is he taking Stephanie's last name?" or "What the heck are they thinking with those names?"

Well, here is our explanation.

Kosta is a common male Greek name (the name can also be spelled Kostas, Costa, Costas).  The name is short for Konstantine or Constantine, which comes from the name of Constantine the Great (the Roman Emperor and Greek Saint).  We decided Kosta was perfect for our baby boy's name because we both felt something when we talked about the name.  

Not only does the name Kosta have a literal meaning, it also has a different kind of meaning to us.  Kosta or Costa will always have a special meaning to both of us because Costa Rica is where our life together began.  Everything about our relationship was made possible in Costa Rica - this is where we met, where we fell in love, and where we started our family.   

Andrés is one of the first names we thought of before we even knew we were expecting. Andrés is the Spanish form of Andrew, which is my Daddy and brother's first name.  We decided we wanted a Greek and Spanish name for our baby boy, so that's why we're using the Spanish version of Andrew.

Now onto the more complicated explanation of Kosta's full name.  You may be wondering why his name will be Kosta Andrés Diaz Leventis.  Although my last name will be part of his full name, his last name really is Diaz.

Most Latinos have two last names - a first last name and a second last name.  The first last name is the Father's last name.  The second last name is the Mother's maiden name.    The child always takes both last names, however, the Father's last name is still the main last name.  In the US, Kosta will go by Kosta Diaz.

Anyway, so that's it...his name will be Kosta Andrés Diaz Leventis!  Hopefully he won't hate us later in life for having a unique name - ha ha.

Also, I thought I'd do a quick belly picture update.  I am a little over 23 weeks pregnant, which means I am at the start of my 6th month! Woo hoo! (Excuse the background of the first picture...I didn't realize how messy our un-made bed looked)

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  1. aww! baby Kosta! I love his whole name!!! So sentimental and still super cute and fun! plus, i am jealous of how tiny you are! i feel HUGE! :)