Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweet Angel

Dear Kosta,

You are two weeks and two days old today, and I can't believe how much you have already changed since the day you were born.  You don't seem like a newborn because you've been able to hold your head up from the very beginning.  You are growing up so quickly and it scares me. We've hit some pretty major milestones over these last two weeks.

On Friday, March 16, 2012 you rolled over from your back onto your stomach.  Gamma and I nearly had heart attacks because you're so little and should not be able to do that yet.  We were outside practicing tummy time, which I am afraid to do now because you're starting to roll over so early.  You are very determined and so smart.  

On Saturday, March 17, 2012, we celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day.  We had a BBQ and hung out on the back porch most of the day.  It was sunny and beautiful - you love being outside.  Here's a picture of Mama, Papi and you enjoying the beautiful day.

On your two-week birthday, Sunday, March 18, 2012, your umbilical cord finally fell off.  I can't wait to see what your belly button really looks like when it is totally healed.  It's already so cute without the black covering it up.

You took your first, real bath yesterday (March 19, 2012).  You LOVED it!  You really love when Mama washes your hair - I think it relaxes you.  Papi and I were so relieved to know that you like the water.  Hopefully you'll also enjoy the ocean as much as Mama and Papi.  Here's a few pictures of you playing in the bath tub.  Don't worry - I won't show any totally nakey pictures of you for the world to see!

You are such a happy baby.  The only time you cry is when you're hungry or need a diaper change.  Other than that, you are so chill and love to just hang out.  You also really enjoy riding in the car.  At first you are awake and looking around at everything and then you drift off to sleep.  As soon as the car stops you wake right back up.

Just the other night, you introduced a new type of cry that broke my heart.  You were asleep when this happened and then woke up crying.  I think you may have been having a bad dream.  I burst into tears because you were in tears, but as soon as I picked you up the crying stopped.

I just can't get enough of you.  You melt my heart every time I look at you.  Bringing you into this world brought purpose to my life.  I was born to be a Mommy and I am so lucky you and Papi are in my life.

I look forward to the many milestones that we will reach together as you grow. I love you so much.  You are Mama and Papi's miracle.



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  1. Oh Steph, he is SO freakin cute!!! Its funny how many similarities our babies have. MT loves her bath, too... esp getting her hair washed!! She is happy most of the time, and loves the car, except when it stops moving, haha. We will have to get our little ones together soon!